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Math Bridge is a Queen's student organization committed to enriching children's education in math.Children often see math as hard, unexciting, and of little "real-world" relevance. Many hold to these views even more strongly in their high school years. And yet, those who go on to college or university, like their friends who enter the job market, soon learn that math is a key to their future.

Whether its a psychology student studying statistics, or an auto worker trouble-shooting computer-aided design equipment, math is more central to more lives than ever before. The challenge is therefore to bridge the disconnect between how our children view math early on, and how they will learn and use math their whole lives. This is the challenge that motivates us, hence our name: Math Bridge.

Math Bridge sends undergraduate and graduate students into the elementary schools to mentor children in math. Working in teams alongside teachers and principals, our volunteers make presentations on how math is used to fly rockets, write software, or calculate the demand for a particular type of toy in North America, for example.

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